Community Care of North Carolina/Carolina ACCESS
CCNC/CA is North Carolina’s Medicaid managed care program. It provides you with a medical home and a primary care provider (PCP) who will coordinate your medical care. This NC Division of Medical Assistance website provides eligibility and enrollment information.
North Carolina Electronic Pre-Assessment Screening Service (ePASS)
ePASS is short for Electronic Pre-Assessment Screening Service and is a quick and easy way for customers to get information about benefits and services that may help them. When you have finished, we will tell you the programs that you may be potentially eligible to receive and how you can apply for these programs. A final eligibility decision cannot be made until you apply at your local department of social services.
Full Circle of Care
This website provides caregivers with support, education, information and assistance needed to keep older family members living at home in a secure and loving environment for as long as possible.
North Carolina Medicaid
This website provides information about Medicaid in North Carolina. Information includes Medicaid eligibility, long-term and managed care, as well as consumer-oriented information rights and notices.
Carolina ACCESS Teaching Tool
This PDF explains the benefits of Carolina ACCESS, which is the highest benefit for Medicaid recipients eligible to be enrolled.
A Consumer's Guide to NC Medicaid Programs for the Aged, Blind, and Disabled
This handbook provides information about the Adult Medicaid programs in North Carolina. It gives an overview of the programs, eligibility requirements, and the covered services.
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